Art projects

Gallery initiates and implements the original sociocultural projects, aimed at increasing of cultural standards of the population and the introduction to the visual arts. In development of our projects we use modern exhibition technologies, intended for attracting attention, including an unprepared public.

1. Open-air museum is the alley of vandal-proof stands with internal lighting, located in promenade areas of the city, which host replaceable exhibitions. The wall newspaper format, familiar to the post-Soviet space and made in contemporary design makes access to the cultural materials suitable for a wide range of audience. Thus creates new centers of cultural and leisure activities for residents, as well as provides additional opportunities for the anniversary exhibitions, open photography and painting competitions. It is open round-the-clock, "exhibit room" with free admission. All the works are accompanied by interesting texts, comments, compiled by professional art critics on the basis of documentary data.


- Personal exhibitions of the great Russian artists, collected from different museums.

- Historical photographs.

- Masterpieces of contemporary photography.

2. Symposiums and open airs on sculpture and painting. Symposium is a kind of practical art festival that combines the creative process of artists from different parts of the country, the heirs of various schools and trends in contemporary art. During the communication creative people shares their experience, impressions, new ideas, trends and increasing the professionalism of the authors. At these meetings creative artists work in the area of ​​the public access, being in contact with the audience. Thus creates a cultural entertainment for the townspeople.

On the basis of the artworks, created during the symposiums can be formed the private collections, as well as collections for local museums.

3. Traveling exhibitions. The purpose of traveling exhibitions is to bring art in many different parts of the country from Kaliningrad to Chukotka, to introduce the most wide audience with the artworks of contemporary Russian artists. Each exhibition opens with the lecture of professional art critic. The exhibition features the artworks by masters from both museums and private collections.

4. Master classes, lectures, round-table discussions and scientific conferences on the subject of fine art with the participation of professional artists and prominent cultural figures, representatives of their professional field.