30 October 2012
"Botany lesson" on art canvases

Arkady Plastov - the artist who created the classical images of the Russian world, and several generations of school children lined up their own world view according to him. He never painted a person separate from the landscape. And significant part of it for him were flowers. The flowers by Plastov, which are on still life artworks, etudes for a large canvas, family portraits can be considered in detail in the metropolitan "MustARTgallery", on the exhibition "The botany lesson". Report from "Culture news". More

27 September 2012
Georgy Frangulyan opens new exhibition in moscow

To evaluate the content of the new exhibition of Georgy Frangulyan, called "Synecdoche of sculpture", firstly we have to look through the dictionary. By this word of Greek origin is designated the stylistic mode, when for more figurativeness of the speech instead of the whole is used only a part. Why famous sculptor decided to use this literary term was found out by the reporters from "Culture news". More

14 April 2012
Muscovites are encouraged to invest in the masterpieces of world art

This week muscovites had a unique opportunity to see paintings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali. Christie's brought the artworks to be put up for auction on the 1th of May in New York. The auction representatives consider that the greatest gain will bring the selling of the Rembrandt's canvas "half-length portrait of the military". Its approximate price - from 12 to 19 million dollars. Who and for what purpose are willing to pay astronomical sums have been found out by the correspondent of MTRC "The peace" Boris Chesnokov. More

6 April 2012
The exhibition "The Age of Picasso", original graphics by Pablo Picasso and his conteporaries - Joan Miró, Georges Braque, Raoul Yubak, Henri Matisse and Pierre Tal-Coat

From the 6th of April to the 13th of May at the Gallery at the Voznesensky Lane, take place the exhibition "The Age of Picasso", where you can get an idea of the different points of the artist and his contemporaries. Each of the exhibited items transfers the true atmosphere of his creative laboratory and gives the feeling of the living presence of the master. More