Sgraffito. Monochrome and polycolored complex-factured murals. Interior and exterior decorations - walls, columns, facades, ceilings.

First Sgraffito that had appeared in the Middle Ages as a technique for interior design, took as a basis the ancient Greek tradition of decorating pottery. In the XV - XVII Sgraffito were widely used in Italy to decorate the exterior walls of architectural structures. Due to the relatively simple techniques and high-strength sgraffito soon spread to many other European countries.

Sgraffito - is a monumental decoration in the form of one-colored or polychrome "scratched" wall mural. When creating Sgraffito one or more coats of plaster are applied on the wall serially in different colors. Until the moment of induration of cement the outer layer is scratched to the desired depth, or the entire portions of it are removed, thus writing conceived pattern and texture.

This monumental technique is relatively inexpensive, easy to perform and is produced in a short time. Resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations, protection from fading, "velvet" surface and absolutely harmless allow to use Sgraffito decorations on both internal and external space of the house.

Our muralists, perfect in technique of sgraffito, create a personalized and durable decorative elements in the interior. 

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