Art Object

Art objects, installations for decorating private and commercial interiors, suburban areas, urban space, retail and business centers.

Art object - an aesthetic physical item or artistic creation, designed for the emotional reaction of the spectator, non-service item, created from a variety of materials and objects, which transmits the creative idea of ​​creation by visual interaction with the public.

Art objects take as a basis various kinds of art - sculpture, paintings, works of applied art and industrial design. Therefore, they are used not only in interior design, but also in the urban environment, in the architectural composition.

One of the examples of modern art object is installation. The installation is a spatial composition created from different elements and beeing an artistic ensemble. Some installations are close to the sculpture, but differs from it becuase they are not sculpted, but assembled from dissimilar materials of industrial origin as usual.

Kinetic sculpture - a special kind of art that originated in the 20-30 years of the twentieth century. Objects are carefully designed moving devices based on spring mechanism or the initial impulse. Measured rhythm of cyclical movements of harmonious art object always attracts the audience's attention more than a static object.

The experts of our gallery will help you to choose a unique art object, which will be a semanthic centre and the nexus of the whole space in your house, office, apartament or garden. 

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