Graffiti - the images, drawings or inscriptions scratched, written or drawn in ink or paint on the walls and other surfaces. Graffiti can be attributed to any type of street painting walls - from simple written words to the exquisite drawings.

Graffiti came to contemporary art from deep ancient times. Graffiti is considered to be the first cave paintings of the cavemen, depicting hunting scenes.

The ancient East, Greece and Rome used graffiti as a kind of peculiar social network, leaving their own thoughts, love declarations, literary quotations, advertising and political slogans on the walls drawn by coal, chalk or sharp item. Meaning of this word eventually began to mean any graphics applied to the surface and being seen by the state as an act of vandalism. However, it is forbidden by law graffiti helped scientists learn the details of everyday life and languages ​​of bygone civilizations.

The emergence of graffiti subculture referred to the beginning of 20-ies of the last century, when in New-Yorke it became fashionable to apply special drawings and inscriptions on freight trains and paint the walls of city buildings. To the 60-70s primitive "tegging" (the basic style of graffiti - artist's name, his personal signature) has acquired political overtones and turned into an activists social protest. The rivalry among street artists stimulated the emergence of new styles.The picture became more complicated, polychromy appeared, shapes and letters acquired volume, image size was increased. Words and phrases turned into a picturesque expression of thoughts and feelings. Graffiti was becoming a subject of interest not only for the authorities and media, but also for the gallery owners, who, having assessed the potential of new spontaneously initiated art form, began to attempt to transfer it from the streets to the halls of respectable galleries.

After gaining widespread popularity and relative legality, graffiti has passed to the next level of commercialization. Since the 2000's, such giants as IBM, Sony, Coca-Cola, Adidas successfully used the style of graffiti in their advertising campanies.

Now the use of graffiti in the interiors characterizing their owners as a modern progressive art lovers. 

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